Howarth S40C Automatic (German) System Oboe with 3rd Octave Key

Graduate model, designed for the diploma level player.

The S40C intermediate series is designed for the more advanced player, but remains comparatively light in weight and is therefore suitable for accomplished young musicians. This oboe includes many essential features found on a professional oboe, with mechanisms for almost every trill.

This oboe features our completely redesigned fully automatic octave system for the oboe. Our innovative system is designed to be simple to adjust, robust and reliable in service.

This model is also available with a synthetic lining of the top section of the top joint to prevent cracking in demanding climatic conditions. There is an additional cost for this option of £150 + VAT.

Technical Specifications:

Howarth Oboe Instrument Finance at Howarth of London


This item is made from wood that has been added to the international CITES register. See here for more information.

£3,925.00 including VAT