Lorée Royal Model cR + 3 Oboe

Howarth is proud to be a main UK dealer for F. Lorée. Founded in 1881, Lorée is the oldest specialist oboe manufacturing firm and has a long established reputation for fine professional instruments.

This oboe is a full conservatoire model. The oboe is supplied with a Lorée pegamoid (standard Lorée) case and nylon outer, sheepskin - lined cover.

In production since 1989, the F. Lorée Royal model is the Lorée instrument of choice for many of today's professional players. Lorée pride themselves on the combination of 'musicality, reliability and beauty' that together are found in the Royal model. Made from grenadilla wood with an especially fine, homogenous grain, the instrument appeals to those looking for a darker and rounder tone given by thicker wood. Stricter jointing tolerances and the multiplication of tests throughout the production stages lead to an improvement of the renowned reliability of the F. Lorée mechanism.


Options (special order only) :

Please note the Lorée Royal 125 Amethyst model is also available to special order, and can be ordered with any of the above special order options - POA.

with standard case and cover.


£6,995.00 including VAT