Cabart Standard Model 74 Oboe with thumbplate

Howarth is proud to be a main UK dealer for Cabart.

This is a dual system oboe (conservatoire model oboe, with thumbplate and repositioned 3rd octave key). The oboe is supplied complete with case and cover.

Founded in 1893, Cabart became part of the de Gourdon Company in 1974. Cabart is the stamp of well-made student oboes with close tolerances, key-fitting, and cork pads throughout the instrument. Because of their high standard of manufacture combined with precise and stable tuning, Cabart is an excellent choice for diploma-level and advanced players. The Cabart is a dual-system semi-professional oboe which can be compared with the Howarth S40C + TP and Howarth S45C + TP models.


Supplied with case and cover


£3,475.00 including VAT