Ludwig Frank Professional Oboe with Howarth thumbplate

The Ludwig Frank Oboe has been growing in reputation and popularity in recent years for its distinctive dark German sound and its exceptional quality of manufacture.

The story of these instruments began at the workbench of H. P.Springer in Paffenhofen in 1986, who began developing a handmade oboe drawing on the advice of three professional oboists: Günther Zorn, solo oboist from the Radio Symphony Orchestra in Berlin; Klaus-Peter Gütz, solo oboist at the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig; Christoph Hartmann from the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. He also received the support and sponsorship of the enthusiastic hobby oboist Claus Hipp.

From 1991, Ludwig Frank, Master Craftsman of woodwind instruments, joined the project with Mr Springer, enhancing and developing the design.

In May 1993, Ludwig Frank took over the responsibility for the production of these instruments, which continue to be manufactured by hand. By close cooperation with renowned oboists including Ingo Goritzki and many others, he has been able to achieve an exceptional instrument, with good intonation and a flexible, distinctive dark sound. The instrument was completely reworked technically and is now equipped with an elegant, easily handled but yet very durable mechanism.

With the acceptance in wide circles of top oboists in Germany, and indeed worldwide, the instrument has secured a remarkable reputation given its short historical life. Close collaboration with musicians and the limited production size enables individual requirements to be fullfilled. Howarth are delighted to stock Frank's most popular 'Brilliant' model.


Only selected, well seasoned woods and the finest materials are used, including:

“Brilliant” Model Conservatoire system


£8,200.00 including VAT