Lorée Royal 125 Model cR + 3 Oboe

Howarth is proud to be a main UK dealer for F. Lorée. Founded in 1881, Lorée is the oldest specialist oboe manufacturing firm and has a long established reputation for fine professional instruments.

This oboe is a full conservatoire model. The oboe is supplied with a Lorée pegamoid (standard Lorée) case and nylon outer, sheepskin - lined cover. A Lorée leather outer case can be supplied.

In celebration of Lorée's 125th Anniversary, the company producted a limited edition 'Model 125'. The oboe quickly became highly acclaimed, and in the wake of its great success Lorée created the 'Royal 125', keeping the main specifications of the limited edition model.

Particular to the Royal 125 Model:

Further specifications as follows:

Options (special order only) :

Please note the Lorée Royal 125 Amethyst model can be ordered with any of the above special order options - POA.

with standard case and cover.


This item is made from wood that has been added to the international CITES register. See here for more information.

£7,710.00 including VAT