Buffet Crampon Orfeo Oboe with Howarth thumbplate

Full conservatoire model, made in France, with added Howarth Thumbplate. Orfeo, the new standard in oboe by Buffet Crampon.

Orfeo comes to us out of a collaboration between the Buffet Crampon Research and Development team and a group comprising testers, masters and soloists from renowned international orchestras. It is the fruit of labour of a distinguished team, demanding five years of research to attain the level of excellence that was their goal.

Its entire register creates a sensation of excitement with incomparable low tones, consistent over the whole range, and a wonderfully easy flow.

Orfeo unites modern materials of utmost reliability with the handcrafted, traditional quality of its manufacture.

This new oboe marks a major achievement in the Buffet Crampon brand's history as much on a human level as a technological level.

It is a true reflection of the alliance between French instrument manufacturing expertise and state of the art technology. Orfeo will distinguish itself equally, whether played in an orchestra or in an ensemble of chamber music.

- conservatoire system


£6,410.00 including VAT