Marigaux Model 2010 Oboe (Fully Automatic)

Howarth is proud to have been selected by Marigaux to be their exclusive UK dealer. For over fifty years Marigaux has been a leading French oboe manufacturer, and remains the maker of choice today for many professional players in the UK and worldwide.

All Marigaux oboes are tested and tuned by Mr Michel Crocquenoy - Orchestre National de France, Mr François Leleux - International Soloist / European Chamber Orchestra, Mr Christophe Grindel - Soloist - Opéra de Paris, Mr David Walter - CNSM Paris, Mr Jean-Marie Poupelin - CNR Cergy.

The Marigaux 2010 is a fully automatic oboe.

The Marigaux 2010 features the latest in ergonomic and technical design to facilitate playing at the highest level. It features the newly designed special ergonomic shapes of the left-hand and right-hand 4th finger key clusters and a fully adjustable thumbrest, as highlighted in our image.


Special Order


This item is made from wood that has been added to the international CITES register. See here for more information.

£9,945.00 including VAT