Marca Premium Alto Saxophone Reeds 10 BOX

Simply the best reeds EVER! ...

A Premium quality cane gives a perfect reed and on the basis of this criterion, we have created Marca Premium. Constantly seeking to improve quality, MARCA has, as it's long standing tradition, specially selected it's cane from very thick diameter in order to be able to extract the reed from the most dense part of the wood, and thus eliminating the soft part as much as possible.

Features & Benefits:

  • Designed by artists for artists.
  • Special wood repartition for fast reply and long life.
  • Premium cane treatment process, for have thickness blank.
  • High Quality made with use diamond cut.
  • French Tradition Cut.
Please Check Stock Availability as Out of Stock Reeds May Take up to 30 days to arrive


£18.55 including VAT