Jupiter JCL-700S-Q Bb Clarinet

The Jupiter JCL700S is a student model clarinet, perfect for the beginner or the advancing student. It features a 14.80mm bore, ABS resin matte finish, nickel silver bell ring, Comfortable C/G key riser, undercut tone holes and adjustable thumb rest.


 - Offset Trill Keys are of the traditional French configuration helping to alleviate excess moisture accumulation and ensure premium performance

 - ABS Resin Body provides a durable alternative to a wood body perfect for rigorous playing demands without sacrificing tonal quality

 -  Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys offer the combination of great feel and long lasting beauty.


 - Key of Bb

 - ABS Resin Body

 - Nickel Silver Bell Ring

 - Silver-Plated Nickel Silver Keys

 - 14.80mm Bore

 - Adjustable Thumb Rest

 - Undercut Tone Holes

 - 65mm Barrel

 - Comfortable C/G Key Riser

 - Side-Carry Softcase (JCL700SQ)

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 RRP £478.00

£399.00 including VAT