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info PowerLung Breath Trainer £73.33£87.99Buy


UK Price
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UK Price
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infoBG S 30 SH 'Standard' Alto or Tenor Saxophone Sling Strap with Snap Hook £8.33£9.99Buy
infoHowarth Standard Saxophone Sling £8.33£10.00Buy
infoHowarth 'ztop bop!' Coloured Saxophone Sling £8.33£10.00Buy
infoRico Saxophone Sling with Snap Hook £11.25£13.50Buy
infoRay Hyman Saxophone Strap Sling £12.50£15.00Buy
infoNeotech Soft Sax Saxophone Sling £14.50£17.40Buy
infoBG S 80/82 M 'Nylon Cord' Alto, Tenor, Straight or Curved Soprano Strap Sling with Metal Hook  S80M, S82M £16.58£19.90Buy
infoBG S 80/85 SH 'Nylon Cord' alto, tenor, straight or curved soprano strap sling with snap hook £16.58£19.90Buy
infoBG S 10/12/15 SH 'Padded Comfort' Saxophone Sling Strap with Snap Hook  S10SH, S12SH, S15SH £16.66£19.99Buy
infoProtec 'Ballistic Neoprene Less-Stress' Saxophone Neck Sling £16.66£19.99Buy
infoProtec 'Neoprene with Metal SnapHook' sling  sax, bass clarinet £16.66£19.99Buy


Protec Neoprene with Plastic SnapHook Saxophone Sling  sax, children £16.66£19.99Buy


Rico Saxophone Sling in Leather with Metal Hook £16.67£20.00Buy
infoBG S 10 ESH 'Elasticated Padded Comfort' Saxophone Sling Strap with Snap Hook  S10ESH £19.08£22.90Buy
infoHowarth Stella Deluxe Saxophone Sling £22.08£26.50Buy
infoRico Padded Saxophone Sling with Metal Hook  With memory foam for extra comfort. £23.17£27.80Buy
infoRico Padded Saxophone Sling with Snap Hook  With memory foam for extra comfort. £23.17£27.80Buy
infoBG S 20 M/SH 'Leather' Alto or Tenor Saxophone Sling Strap with Metal Snap Hook  S20M - S20SH £24.58£29.49Buy
infoHowarth 'birdy' saxophone sling £24.58£29.50Buy
infoWiseman Leather Sling for Saxophone / Bassoon / Cor Anglais with Metal Clasp Hook £25.50£30.60Buy
infoBG S02 M 'Shoulder' Alto, Tenor or Baritone Saxophone Strap Sling with Metal Hook £31.66£37.99Buy
infoProtec 'Leather Less-Stress with Metal Snap Hook' sling  sax, bass clarinet £33.33£39.99Buy
infoHowarth Luxury Snap Strap Saxophone Sling £41.67£50.00Buy
infoBG S 70 SH 'Yoke Strap' for Alto or Tenor Saxophone Strap Sling with Snap Hook  S70SH - S72SH £45.00£54.00Buy
infoBG S 50 SH 'Yoke Brace' Alto or Tenor Saxophone Strap Sling with Braces and Snap Hook £49.17£59.00Buy
infoB.AIR Bird Strap Saxophone Sling £70.83£85.00Buy


UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoLebayle Be-Bop Saxophone Harness £14.99£17.99Buy
infoBG S 40/41/42/43/44 SH 'Harness' for Saxophone with Snap Hook £26.24£31.49Buy
infoNeotech Super Harness for Saxophone £32.50£39.00Buy
infoJAZZLAB Sax Holder II Adult Harness  NEW £38.33£46.00Buy
infoZappatini Harness for Bassoon or Saxophone £54.99£65.99Buy


UK Price
ex VAT
UK Price
inc VAT
infoRunyon Thumb Saver for all Saxophones £3.29£3.95Buy
infoProtec Thumb Cushion for all Saxophones £3.29£3.95Buy


Protec Saxophone Palm Key Risers 3 PACK £4.16£4.99Buy
infoRunyon Side key risers for Saxophone - Set of 4 £4.63£5.56Buy
infoRunyon Palm Key Risers for Saxophone - Set of 3 £5.83£7.00Buy
infoYanagisawa Thumb Rest and Button £65.83£79.00Buy
infoKooiman Forza Saxophone Thumb Rest £106.67£128.00Buy

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