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Please note there are waiting lists for student, intermediate and semi-professional model oboes. Please email or telephone 0207 935 2407 to enquire about availability and to be added to a waiting list.

Unless otherwise stated, all oboes receive a pre-sale service undertaken by our specialist oboe technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The price advertised always includes the servicing costs, whether the instrument has been serviced or is presently in our workshops.

If you have a good quality instrument you are considering selling, please telephone us to discuss our sales procedure.

Please note that our Open Hole Oboe list is now full and we are currently not taking new Open Hole consignments.

Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Student / Intermediate Thumbplate Oboes

 -  9 instruments.
OB10352 Howarth S20
£1,500.00 Reserved
OB10365 Howarth S20
£1,500.00 Reserved
OB10386 Howarth S20
£1,500.00 Reserved
OB10339 Howarth S20
£1,550.00 Reserved
OB10349 Howarth S20
£1,625.00 On approval
OB10346 Howarth oboe S20
£1,800.00 Reserved
OB10319 Howarth S20 £1,800.00 Reserved
OB10384 Howarth S20 Oboe £1,800.00 Reserved
OB10368 Howarth S20
£1,800.00 Reserved

Semi-Professional Oboes

 -  2 instruments.

Conservatory system with English thumbplate

OB10316 OB10316 Cabart Oboe
£2,400.00 Available
OB10240 OB10240 Cabart Standard
An lovely oboe for an advanced student or young professional, fully serviced in our workshops.
£2,400.00 Reserved

Professional Dual System Oboes

 -  8 instruments.

Conservatory system with English thumbplate

OB10344 Loree Standard
£3,500.00 Reserved
OB10347 Marigaux Oboe £4,000.00 On approval
OB10277 Howarth S6
£4,250.00 Available
OB10305 OB10305 Buffet Greenline £4,500.00 Reserved
OB10310 OB10310 Rigoutat Oboe
A superb professional instrument from the late 70's / early 80's that is easy playing with a clear resonant tone. It has recently benefited from a full service and re-plate in our workshops and has been regularly serviced through its lifetime.
£4,500.00 Available
OB10363 OB10363 Marigaux 901
£4,500.00 On approval
OB10356 Howarth XL + TP £4,800.00 Available
OB10360 OB10360 Howarth XL Oboe
(2000) Formally owned by Gordon Hunt, Principal oboe of the Philharmonia Orchestra. He used this oboe to play the Albinoni concerto and at the wedding of Charles and Camilla.
£4,995.00 Available

Conservatory System Oboes

 -  3 instruments.

English thumbplate can be added at extra cost

OB1847 OB1847 Howarth S3
open hole professional oboe, serviced through Howarth’s. Modern manufacture. Serial number 5091 (2001).
£2,000.00 Available
OB1739 OB1739 Lorée Oboe
Classical Loree Oboe from the sought-after C series of the 1970s. No fork F vent or low B vent. Especially but not exclusively suited to US players. The oboe has been re-plated and re-padded and is in super condition.
£3,500.00 Available
OB10333 OB10333 Buffet Professional £4,250.00 Available

Open Hole and Historical Oboes

 -  1 instrument.
OB1701 OB1701 Howarth S1 £1,400.00 Available

Cor Anglais & Oboe d'Amore

 -  3 instruments.
OB10385 Howarth S20 Cor Anglais £3,000.00 Reserved
OB10292 OB10292 Howarth XL Cocobolo (Conservatoire) Cor Anglais
Conservatoire Instrument
£4,750.00 On approval
OB10196 OB10196 Rigoutat Cor Anglais
Top of the range instrument ideal for the professional or advanced player. Benefits from additional Gold Loree and Sterling Silver Hiniker crooks. English thumbplate added, supplied in Rigoutat professional case and cover. Rarely available and highly desirable.
£5,250.00 Available

Open Hole and Historical Cor Anglais

 -  1 instrument.
OB10357 OB10357 Loree Cor Anglais Standard Conservatoire
£1,800.00 Available
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