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Please email or telephone 0207 935 2407 to enquire about availability.

Unless otherwise stated, all saxophones receive a pre-sale assessment undertaken by our specialist technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The price advertised always includes any servicing costs, whether the instrument has been serviced or is presently in our workshops.

If you have a quality instrument and are considering selling, please telephone us to discuss our sales procedure.

Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Soprano Saxophone

 -  8 instruments.
SX10179d SX10179d Trevor James Revolution II Black/Gold Key Straight Soprano £600.00 Available
SX10179c SX10179c Trevor James Revolution II Gold Curved Soprano £650.00 Available
SX10205 SX10205 Yanagisawa Elimona
Original Case
£1,400.00 Available
SX10177 SX10177 Theo Wanne Mantra
Original Case
£2,100.00 Available
SX10183 SX10183 Yamaha YSS 875
Champion Case
£2,700.00 Available
SX10172 SX10172 Selmer Mark VI
1980. Original Case.
£3,400.00 Available
SX10219 Yanagisawa 9930 £4,000.00 Available
SX10207 SX10207 Rampone & Cazzani R1 Half-Curved
Includes Vandoren SL3 mouthpiece and Pomarico Number 4. Original Case.
£4,500.00 On approval

Alto Saxophone

 -  3 instruments.
SX10204 SX10204 Yanagisawa A991U
Unlaquered. Original Case.
£2,300.00 Available
SX10192 SX10192 Selmer Super Action 80 Series II
Selmer Light Case.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10196 SX10196 Selmer Super Action 80 Series II
Hiscox Case
£2,500.00 Available

Tenor Saxophone

 -  10 instruments.
SX10133a SX10133a LA Sax Straight Tenor! £750.00 Available
SX10200 SX10200 Buescher Aristocrat
Includes Otto Link Metal STM Mouthpiece 7 and Jody Jazz Giant Mouthpiece7*. 1936. Hiscox Case.
£1,500.00 Available
SX10201 SX10201 Yanagisawa T901
Original Case
£2,100.00 Available
SX10212 SX10212 Yamaha YTS 875
Lupifaro Shaped Case
£2,200.00 Available
SX10190 SX10190 Keilwerth SX90R
Original Case
£2,400.00 Available
SX10210 SX10210 Selmer Super Action 80 Series II
Includes Yanagisawa 65 Neck, Otto Link Ebonite 5 Mouthpiece and Selmer S80 C* Mouthpiece. Soft Case.
£2,500.00 Available
SX10139 SX10139 Selmer Super Sax
1930. Red Berkeley Case.
£2,600.00 Available
SX10215 SX10215 King Super 20
1975. Soft Case.
£2,750.00 Available
SX10165 SX10165 Andy Sheppard Autograph Series Signature Wembley
Original Shaped Case
£3,500.00 Available
SX10199 SX10199 Buescher 400
Original Case. 1949.
£3,500.00 Available

Baritone Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10206 SX10206 Selmer Mark VI
Silver plated. Low Bb. 1975
£5,500.00 Available
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