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Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Tenor Mouthpiece

 -  2 instruments.
MP10175ai MP10175ai Selmer Modified Soloist £75.00 Available
MP10008a Berg Larsen 95/3 Vintage rare gold plate
Unplayed, owned by berg larsen (1950s)
£350.00 Available

Baritone Mouthpiece

 -  3 instruments.
MP10175e MP10175e Otto Link Super Tone Master 8 £170.00 Available
MP1215 MP1215 Berg Larsen Stainless steel, 105/1 sms
Vintage metal. Selected at the Potters Bar Factory.
£250.00 Available
MP10008b MP10008b Berg Larsen 150/0 sms rare gold plate
Unplayed (1950s)
£395.00 Available
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