Second Hand Saxophone List

Please email or telephone 0207 935 2407 to enquire about availability.

Unless otherwise stated, all saxophones receive a pre-sale assessment undertaken by our specialist technicians to ensure they are in the best possible condition. The price advertised always includes any servicing costs, whether the instrument has been serviced or is presently in our workshop.

If you have a quality instrument and are considering selling, please telephone us to discuss our sales procedure.

Looking to sell? Please read through our sales policy to familiarise yourself with the procedure.

Image Reference Make Description Price Status

Soprano Saxophone

 -  1 instrument.
SX10307a SX10307a Buffet Crampon Super Dynaction Soprano
1972 - 1973
£1,800.00 Available

Alto Saxophone

 -  9 instruments.
SX10335a SX10335a Leblanc Vito Alto
'59/'60 Leblanc Model 35 Vito Semi-Rationale. (American made)
£1,000.00 Available
SX10360a Conn 6M Transitional £1,800.00 On approval
SX10362a SX10362a Conn 6M Transitional £2,000.00 Available
SX10348a SX10348a Keilwerth SX90R Alto
Comes with a Keilwerth Mouthpiece w/ Selmer Ligature and sling.
£2,200.00 Available
SX10352a SX10352a Selmer Alto Reference 54
Dark gold lacquer, comes with original case
£3,500.00 Available
SX10320a SX10320a Selmer Series III Alto
Selmer Series III alto saxophone black lacquer finish
£3,750.00 Available
SX10333a SX10333a Selmer Series III Alto £3,750.00 Available
SX10343a SX10343a Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone
1960's (late 5 Digit) Mark VI.
£5,600.00 On approval
SX10368a SX10368a Yanagisawa AWO37 £6,850.00 Available

Tenor Saxophone

 -  7 instruments.
SX10272 SX10272 Dolnet BelAir Tenor
Mid 1950's Dolnet Tenor Saxophone. Rich sound, and fast key work.Very similar keys layout to a Selmer with off set hexagonal palm keys and a unique octave key and rolled crook collar. Interesting spackled engraving style - in Black ProTec Case.
£1,500.00 Available
SX10310a SX10310a King Zephyr Tenor
Comes in a Winter Greenline case & Original King Case.
£1,900.00 Available
SX10349a SX10349a Trevor James RAW Signature Custom Tenor
Comes in Signature Custom Case & Tone Edge Otto Link 6* MP
£2,500.00 Available
SX10338a SX10338a Selmer Reference 54 Tenor
BAM Case
£4,500.00 Available
SX10337a SX10337a Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone
'66 Mark VI
£6,000.00 Available
SX10330a SX10330a Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone
1963/4 Mark VI Tenor Saxophone. Comes with Selmer Soloist D and S80 C** mouthpieces.
£6,500.00 Available
SX10293a SX10293a Selmer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone
'65/'66 Mark VI
£6,500.00 Available

Tenor Crook

 -  1 instrument.
SX10374a Boesken Crook T046H £750.00 Available
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