Second Hand Instrument Sales Policy

Thank you for your interest in selling an instrument through Howarth of London.

We can offer a full quote or valuation upon inspection of the instrument in our London showrooms. We do not charge for valuations and you do not need an appointment, however if you visit us on a Saturday you may need to leave the instrument with us for our specialists to examine the following week.

If you post your instrument to us for evaluation please use an insured, trackable method. Please be aware that there will be a small postage charge should you wish to have the instrument returned to you.

We sell on a commission basis; this means that we do not purchase the instrument from you but sell on your behalf. You receive the proceeds from the sale once the instrument has sold.

Once accepted for sale, we will carry out a pre-sale service on your instrument in order to offer a guarantee to any prospective customer. The cost of any necessary repairs will be agreed before work commences. The cost of servicing will be deducted from the final sale price upon completion of the sale.

We will then advertise and endeavour to sell the instrument as soon as possible. Once the instrument is sold we will contact you with payment for the balance of the sale.

The balance is calculated by the following calculation:
  • Agreed selling price.
  • Less repair costs + VAT
  • Less 20% commission + VAT on balance of (Selling price less repairs including VAT).

Your instrument will be advertised on our second-hand list via our website, but we also have extensive lists of potential buyers and teachers who we will notify about our stock on a regular basis.

Your instrument is insured whilst it is in our possession. We also require potential buyers to take out suitable insurance if they take the instrument on trial. We do however recommend that you maintain your own insurance policy until we confirm that the instrument is sold.

If you wish at any time to have the instrument returned to you without sale, you are free to do so, after paying any charges due for repairs, providing that it is not out on approval with a prospective buyer and has not already been sold.

Last updated September 2018

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