CITES - Outside the EU

How will I be affected?

  • A CITES re-export permit is needed to export instruments made from Dalbergia out of the EU. Some countries also require an additional import permit, to allow the instrument into the receiving country. Import rules vary by country. Please contact our CITES administrator for further information or ask your local Management Authority.
  • We need to make an additional charge of £ 59 to your order to cover the CITES re-export certificate and administration charges. If an import permit is required by your country, there may be a charge for this too. We will contact you with additional information about this if an import permit is required. The application for the re-export certificate will cause a short delay of approximately 10-15 business days.
  • Customers buying new instruments made from Dalbergia will be supplied with an invoice with details of the wood that makes up your instrument. Keep this document safe as it will act as proof of lawful acquisition if you need it, for instance if you wish to travel with or sell your instrument.
  • Customers who already own instruments containing Dalbergia can contact us for copy invoices / documentation, which will include CITES information.

What if I want to travel with my instrument?

  • Instruments weighing less than 10 kg (ie any oboe or clarinet) are exempt from these regulations if they are being shipped / carried for non-commercial use. We have been informed that transporting instruments for paid or unpaid performances will be classed as non-commercial.
  • If you wish to travel with your instrument we recommend that you carry your invoice as you may be asked to provide proof of lawful acquisition. Please contact us for a copy of your invoice if required.

What if I want to have my instrument repaired at Howarth?

  • Instruments being sent to us to repair/service work can be shipped without CITES permits as this is viewed as a non-commercial transaction. This is because the instrument remains under the ownership of the same person and the shipment of the instrument will not lead to the sale of the item. Please ensure you mark all shipping / customs paperwork 'FOR REPAIR'.

What happens next?

  • The CITES regulations for Dalbergia were only confirmed in October 2016. We are monitoring this developing situation, and the information given here is very likely to change. The music industry is still developing the administrative procedures needed to deal with these changes. We will be keeping this page updated as we learn more about the process.

For further information, please contact our CITES administrator CITES administrator or your local Management Authority

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