Lupifaro Platinum Vintage Alto Saxophone

The Lupifaro alto is handmade and uses high quality brass, pisoni pads, metal resonators, blue-steel springs, and Luca Cardinali’s extensive experience of hand building saxophones.

The sound of the Lupifaro alto has a neutral bottom and mid range as well as a clear and brighter upper range. The Platinum alto has a focused and edgy tone. The overall response is free blowing with a bit of resistance.

The Lupifaro has the consistency of a new Yamaha or Yanagisawa, but when it comes to the overall sound, it embodies many characteristics of the old Mark VI and Super Balanced Action line of saxophones.

An overview of Lupifaro

Luca Cardinali began repairing wind instruments with master repairman Galavotti. In 1990, Luca obtained his music degree in clarinet and then continued to study the saxophone as well as work as a repairman. Luca had been a designer and product manager at the Borgani saxophone factory for over 5 years, during this experience he performed custom work on saxophones belonging to such famous players as Phil Woods, George Garzone, Lee Konitz, Jerry Bergonzi, M. Urbani, M. Giammarco, and F. Santucci . In 1995, Luca decided to open Atelier Cardinali to provide repair work as well as build custom instruments for professional musicians.


Luca came up with the name Lupifaro because Lupifaro was a mythological figure who embodied strength. He met with Phaselus SA, a distributor in Switzerland, who believed in the quality and craftsmanship of Luca’s line of saxophones. Together, they decide to create a new line of exceptional instruments.

Each saxophone moves through all of the important phases of shaping and carefully annealing (ie: making more flexible) the bare metal – steps which characterize the soul and future life of each instrument. Luca’s design and construction of Lupifaro’s saxophones are the result of years of research paired with craftsmanship of the highest level.

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