Yamaha Model YFG 812CS Bassoon EX DISPLAY

Beat the price increases, this is the last time you will be able to get a Yamaha bassoon at this price! This is a top quality professional instrument. We don't anticipate many professional models to be below the £20,000 mark in the future.

Same specification as the popular 812 but with long bell / shortened long joint instead of normal set up for compactness when being stored or carried.

The 812 with its slightly thicker body wall offers a rich authoritative sound. It is ideal for players who prefer a round warm sound and need enough power to balance in the modern symphony orchestra.

Long-seasoned maple body (thick wall) silver plated, nickel-silver keys, F-G trill, E-F# trill key, high D key, high E key, 6 rollers and 2 crooks.

Supplied in compact Yamaha case.

Please note this instrument will only fit in a 'gentleman' or compact case.

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£14,750.00 including VAT
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