EX-DEMO Rigoutat Symphony Model Oboe

Howarth are the UK Agents for Rigoutat oboes, oboes d'amore and cors anglais. The Rigoutat company was founded in 1922 and continues to be led by the Rigoutat family. Today the "Rigoutat sound" is a symbol of excellence. The instruments are played abroad in orchestras and conservatories in more than 50 countries and delight numerous professional musicians and music enthusiasts who praise both their sound and longevity.

Rigoutat oboes are high-level professional oboes. Made of African Grenadilla wood or violet wood (special order only), Rigoutat produce a number of professional models with different bore designs.


Classic Model. By the richness of its tone quality, the Classical oboe remains the oboe of soloists and concert artists.
Symphony Model. With an easier emission in the lows and in the low high links, the Symphony oboe is better adapted to the orchestra. Its tone quality merges better with other instruments.
Evolution Model. The Evolution oboe has inherited the rich tone quality of the Classical oboe, but also a higher low register and a more stable high register.
J Model. After more than one year of test runs, the Rigoutat "J model" professional oboe has reached its maturity stage and demonstrates Rigoutat's will to deliver a state-of-the-art oboe which combines both a rich sonority and an ever-increasing freedom of playing. Its popularity among the most demanding musicians already ranks it as the successor of the "classic" model.

Symphony Model. Full conservatoire model, with case and cover.

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