Schreiber Model S16 Bassoon

Not available from Schreiber until March 2019. Our November 2018 delivery is already allocated

Student "Conservatory" Model

25 keys including high-D key, double C-touchpiece and whisper key lock for the left hand.

4 rollers, F-Ab, C#-Eb

A special epoxy resin lining in the wing and to over Ab tone hole in the boot joint.

Body from 10 year old alpine maple wood.

New bore design.

Polished polyurethane varnish finish - transparent, durable finish (up to 13 layers) which brings out the natural beauty of the wood.

Brass socket liners in the boot joint - this prevents chipping and cracking, offers durable stability.

Metal tenon caps - his stabilises the tenons of wing and long joint in the tenon socket, prevents cracking and damage.

A special epoxy resin lining in the wing and round to the Ab tonehole in the boot joint resists moisture induced wood rot.

Hard rubber finger hole inserts protruding into the bore - this prevents moisture build up.

Durable and attractive case with cordura cover, backpack construction, music compartment and accessories.

Silver-plated keywork.

2 hand hammered, soldered and bent bocals, silver-plated.

Options (to special order only): high E key, balance holder, large Bb/F# key guard plate, spike with cap.

- “Conservatory” Student model

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