Maarten Vonk A Bundle of Joy - a practical handbook for the bassoon

This new book about the bassoon is a joy to read! The author writes "There's so much you can put into a book about the bassoon. My aim in writing this book was to use my own experience - as a bassoon player and a repairer - as starting point. So, this is not a guide to playing the bassoon, although the chapters on breath control and embouchure will certainly give you some ideas for working on your playing technique. The section on reeds will help you to find your own way in reed making and, after reading the information on the ergonomics of playing, you will realise how you use (or possibly misuse!) your body. This is first and foremost a book on 'How to get the most out of your bassoon' by caring for it in the best possible way. The book contains many useful tips as well as background information on how to handle, maintain and repair your instrument.

The book is illustrated with drawings and pictures, in black and white and in full colour. English translation by Bruce Gordon and edited by Christine Davies. The book measures 17 x 23 cm and has 120 pages.

Table of contents:

A practical handbook for the Bassoon


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