Selmer Paris Spirit Rubber Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece : Spirit 184

Large Chamber

Designed together with Pierrick Pedron, one of the most prominent French Jazz players, the new Selmer Paris Jazz mouthpiece offers outstanding musical qualities. Machined from a high quality hard rubber bar, an exclusive Selmer Paris process.

A great sound: a full spectrum, very rich in low harmonics though keeping a real 'cutting though' power. Remarkably, the global tone colour remains in it's entirety on all registers, especially in the middle register where many dark mouthpieces loose clarity. This quality is a huge advantage when using microphones live or during recording.

Well balanced tuning and even control provide a rarely reached playing comfort on a jazz mouthpiece.

Easy blowing with excellent articulation make the 'Spirit' the ultimatie Jazz mouthpiece!

A choice of two Tip Openings: 1.84mm or 2.10mm

Table Length: 22mm

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£141.00( If bought from United Kingdom )