Mike Allen Seamless Bassoon Crook - Thick Walled : Nickel Silver No. 2 thick walled standard bend

Renowned Flute maker Mike Allen has been developing with his own range of bassoon crooks and we are delighted to present these new hand-made crooks in a range of metals and finishes.

This fantastic range of crooks features seamless construction, giving an even vibration. This allows excellent response throughout the instrument's range.

The standard model crook is produced from sheet Nickel silver and is produced in his by Mike's unique manufacturing process. This crook is fantastic as a general purpose crook, allowing a rich resonant bass, but also an extremely easy free and singing tenor register. The results are noticeable on any bassoon, from the most basic student instrument right through to the highest quality professional models. These crooks are highly responsive and very easy to work with.

We also have the crooks produced in Pinchbeck. Equally responsive but with a little more resistance, this is ideal for chamber or second playing, giving an equally sonorous, but more intimate sound. This allows the performer confidence when playing low and quiet passages.

We will soon have Sterling Silver in stock as well, ideal for any player looking for a bright and virtuosic sound All Nickel and Pinchbeck crooks are available with traditional silver plate if desired. Our current stock is to traditional German shape, but can be ordered to any shape you desire, offering a truly bespoke service.

These crooks are a fantastic new addition to the bassoonist's arsenal and really need to be tried

  • Length: Heckel no.2 (further lengths to be produced)
  • Shape: German (other shapes to order)
  • Material: Nickel Silver, Pinchbeck, Sterling Silver (Octave pipe made from 9ct gold on all models)

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£200.00( If bought from United Kingdom )