Wolf Model S2000 Plus Bassoon

Our standard model with the qualities of a professional bassoon plays evenly and with secure intonation over the whole range.

It is made from mountain maple grown in selected areas which has been seasoned over a period of several years. The wooden body is fabricated using CNC equipment designed for maximum precision and consistency in the production process.

The bore is fashioned in exactly the same way as for our professional models. The new mechanism is designed to be comfortable, and features 7 rollers, and is finished with high-quality silver plating. All the finger holes have ebonite liners that extend into the bore. The surface of the body is finished with a durable matt-finish synthetic lacquer. In addition to the features of the standard S2000 bassoon, the body of the S2000 plus is made from specially selected woods:

These different woods give each instrument a unique tone quality. The wood is given a special dipping process which additionally improves the resonances. All keys that do not have steel axle rods are mounted on our patented non-wear bearing system. High E key included. Other optional keys are available to special order.

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£9,500.00 including VAT
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