Forestone Unlacquered Tenor Saxophone

The Forestone Tenor Saxophone built by the master Atsushi Watanabe fulfills highest Japanese quality standards and offers a unique sound and best manufacturing quality.
The DCT (Dual Cryogenic Treatment) process by B.Air improves the resonance of every single part. The new hybrid post construction, which is based on a combination of smaller ribs and single posts, gives the saxophone body greater resonance. This causes an cleaner articulation and attack and a really colourful sound. The Forestone Saxophone is often described as a fusion of Selmer and Conn. The unlacquered version has more resonance and broadness of sound somehow similar American vintage instruments. It has a nice character and is very suited for any kind of jazz music.
Premium Japanese equipment is packed with the saxophone.

Try it for yourself and experience the beauty of Japanese craftsmanship.

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