Chiltern A-967 SL Aged Brass Alto Saxophone

Howarth of London are proud to offer our customers the Chiltern range of Saxophones

Since it's inception the saxophone has undergone many transformations. The quest for perfection bore fruit to many wonderful designs, some of which today are still regarded as the 'holy grail' by many professionals.

Artists of that era typically immersed themselves in their instrument, learning its faults, its habits, the things that make every saxophone unique.

The busy lives of many music makers today simply do not allow such an investment in time. Modern saxophone design reflects this growing need, evolving to produce instruments which are better 'in tune' and easier to play.

The Chiltern range of saxophones embodies this very idealism, whilst retaining the warmth and richness, offered by sought after 'Vintage' saxophones of age.

The increasing skill of far east manufacturing has lead to a flood of cheaper instruments, which to the inexperienced look very much alike.

Howarth of London have for over half a century manufactured instruments, gaining an international reputation for worldwide market leader.

Our knowledge is key in allowing us to form this joint venture with quality affordable manufacturing, to proudly bring you the 'Chiltern Saxophone', the best that the east has to offer.

Chiltern Alto Features:


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