Leitzinger Model II Bassoon : Standard Finish

Professional I & II The bassoon for the most demanding players


The mechanical design is identical to our model ‘Exclusive’
however, it is additionally provided with:

More carefully selected mountain maple

         Divided Long Joint to fit a more compact case

         Finger holes lined with sterling silver tubes

         Roller on A/octave

         Roller on C#/whisper key

         Roller on low C# key

         Rollers on C/D key left thumb on long joint

         Rollers on Bb/E-E/F#-F#/Ab keys right thumb on butt joint

         Rollers on F/Ab/F# keys right little finger butt joint

         Eb trill key

         Plastic lined pivot screw keys

         Extra low C key plate

         Handrest ‘Leitzinger’ for left hand

         Bocals ‘Leitzinger’

         Case and accessories

The model ‘Professional’ is also available with standard long joint to special order.
Additional key mechanism on demand.



Sound Type II

         Compact and focused sound

         Warm soft sound

         Stable and balanced intonation

         Superb projection

         Consistent intonation over the whole range

Reliable response even in extreme registers

This model will be stocked in standard finish, but antique finish is available to special order

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£28,200.00 including VAT
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