Yanagisawa SWO1S Soprano Saxophone - Silver Plated

SWO1S Silver Plated Brass

Key of Bb  •   Range from low Bb to high F#  •   All hand engraved

Yanagisawa ‘Professional’ models are free blowing, with a resonant tone. The student will develop their own style more easily due to both the improved construction and ergonomic key design, and the advanced professional can be assured of a superior tone.

New Features for the SWO

Redesigned Taper
Redesign of the taper and position of the tone holes allows for clearer intonation.

Right Pinky Key
Relocated the right pinky key allows for smoother fingering.

Left Palm Keys
Modified angle of the left palm keys ensuring easier fingering.

New Case
Redesigned hard shell case with fabric cover.

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£3,185.00 including VAT
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